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RÅ is 100% natural pasturized juices from Sweden

Founder Thomas Sjölander

It began with a heart attack

In the summer of 2013, Thomas Sjölander suffered a heart attack that almost ended his life. Luckily, he survived and was put on medication after the surgery. However, Thomas did not respond well to this medication so he started to research alternative and natural ways to keep his heart healthy and his arteries free from plaque to prevent any more cardiovascular problems.

During this process, he met M.D. Olle Haglund and Professor Karl E. Arfors. After considerable study and research in super foods and natural ingredients they found that a combination of beet and lingonberry juice is an effective way of maintaining a healthy heart. With this insight Thomas created the RÅ brand of healthy lifestyle beverages which is now Sweden’s leading functional beverage brand.

The rest is, as they say, history.

From Sweden to you

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about what they put into their bodies and how it is made. We think that’s great, because it’s something we are also passionate about! For example, we built our very own factory in Norrköping, Sweden – to get better control over the entire production chain. In 2019, work began on building our own factory, and as early as 2020, Haga Tapperi began taking on external producers.

– When you press in one place, and then send the juice for filling in another, it is difficult to find the reason if something goes wrong. By gathering everything in one place, we have full control of the entire chain, from raw ingredients to finished product.

Our products

No added sugar or sweeteners

Ginger shot

Our most popular shot with 32% ginger. Balanced by sweet apples and fresh lemons. Chili gives extra heat!

Juice of 58% apple*, 32% ginger,9.5% lemon and 0.5% chili. Pasteurized. Preservatives E202, E211. *from concentrate.

Lemon shot

A really fresh tasting shot made of lemons with a hint of ginger.

Water, juice of 25% lemon and 2.1% ginger. Pasteurized. Preservatives E202, E211.

Ginger with strawberry flavor

A shot with a wonderful twist – ginger with a taste of strawberry. Simply delicious!

Juice of 63% apple*, 25% ginger*, 11% lemon* and, 1% aronia* and natural aroma. Pasteurized. Preservatives E202, E211. *from concentrate.


A hot and spicy shot with 32% ginger, lemon and a pinch of chili. Together with apple, it makes a perfectly balanced taste!

Juice of 58% apple*, 32% ginger, 9.5% lemon and 0.5% chili. Pasteurized. *from concentrate.


An organic beetroot juice with a splash of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar adds freshness to the earthy aroma of beetroot.

Juice of 98% beetroot* and 2% apple cider vinegar. Pasteurized. *from concentrate.

Xtra Beet

Nitrate super charged! Maximum superpower. This delicious beet juice will blow you away! Dilute it with a splash of water for en gentler effect (if you have a sensitive stomach). This is a perfect match for your daily favorite.

90% juice of beetroot* and 10% juice of Swedish lingonberries. Pasteurized. *from concentrate.


70% organic beets and 30% Swedish lingonberries. The sour lingonberries are perfectly balanced by the sweet taste of beetroot.

Juice of 70% organic beetroot* and 30% Swedish lingonberries. Pasteurized. *from concentrate.


A juice with 50/50 beetroot and pomegranate. The sour pomegranate together with the sweet beetroot makes a lovely flavor.

Juice of 50% beetroot* and 50% pomegranate. Pasteurized. *from concentrate.


A fresh tasting juice made from 100% Swedish lingonberries. Dilute with still or carbonated water and drink as an unsweetened soda.

Juice of 100% Swedish lingonberries. Pasteurized


Juice of 100% blueberries from the northest parts of Sweden. Drink as it is – perfect for both adults and children!

Juice of 100% Swedish blueberries. Pasteurized.

Drink RÅ beverages every day for a healthy lifestyle

We are delighted and thankful that you love RÅ! We have found that drinking RÅ on a regular basis as part of our everyday routine yield the best results.

Enjoy our RÅ beverages

  • Chilled
  • Shaken well as separation is natural
  • Mixed in your favorite smoothie
  • Throughout the day as a healthy refreshing drink either straight or with a splash of sparkling water for some extra fizz!


Juice made from 100% pomegranate. Perfect to drink as it is, or mixed with still or carbonated water for a fresh unsweetened drink.

Juice of 100% pomegranate. Pasteurized.


100% aronia juice. Aronia juice has a dry and rich taste that makes it a surprisingly good non-alcoholic alternative to red wine.

Juice of 100% aronia berries. Pasteurized


Our apple juice is made from 100% apples – nothing else. A favorite for both children and adults!

Juice of 100% apple. Pasteurized.


Lemon with a hint of ginger. Perfect as a shot or mixed with still or carbonated water as a refreshing lemonade.

Water, juice of 25% lemon and 2.1% ginger. Pasteurized.

Thank you for drinking RÅ!


Founder of RÅ in Sweden

Want to know more? Contact us at info@wellnox.se.